Mr. Hoffman with 12 lb northern from Lake John

Mr. Hoffman with 12 lb Twin Lake northern

Mr. Hoffman with paddlefish (summer 2010)

Mr. Hoffman with 22+ lb Northern Pike

Caught this Eelpout off the dock in the basin at Big Bend Dam

Dave with jumbo carp

Mr. Hoffman with proud angler perch. 

Mr. Hoffman with jumbo crappies. 

Mr. Hoffman with 1 lb 11 oz bluegill caught June 2013 
Mr. Hoffman with 16 lb northern ice fishing March 2012

Mr. Hoffman with 12 lb Brakke Dam northern
Dave with 5lb 4oz Lake Byre bass
Dave with 39 1/2 inch 15lb northern from Lake Thompson
Dave with 17lb northern from Lake Brakke
Mr. Hoffman with 12.5lb northern from Dry Lake
Mr. Hoffman with 7.5 lb walleye from Dry Lake
2 water birds were found inside this 9lb northern caught by Mr. Hoffman at Wilmarth

Mr. Hoffman with 40 inch but only 13lb northern

Mr. Hoffman caught this 7lb walleye ice fishing at Lake Madison

Mr. Hoffman with 15lb catfish from Brakke Dam

Dave with 15lb catfish from Brakke Dam

Mr. Hoffman with 12lb 9 oz northern at Dry Lake

Mr. Hoffman with 12+ lb northern from North Brush

Dave with 13.5 lb northern ice fishing North Brush

Dave with 2 lb black crappie from Mud Lake

Mr. Hoffman caught this 17 lb northern at Big Bend Dam April 2017

Mr. Hoffman caught this 9 lb walleye July 2015 at Hayti Slough, minutes after catching 8lb 2oz walleye on next photo. This walleye was released.

Mr. Hoffman caught this 8 lb 2oz walleye at Hayti Slough July 2015 minutes before catching the 9 lber in previous picture

Fall 2017 Mr. Hoffman caught 4 limits of 4 species on same lake (bluegill, crappie, perch, and northern)